bits and peices

I write, because I am alive, because I feel things, because I care, because I have so much to say, because I am daring, because I am honest, because I am special, because I am me, and, I cannot be anyone else but me.

I write, as to live, to feel, to love, to let go, to touch, to embrace, to sing, to cry, to kiss, to bury, to burn, to shout, to celebrate, to open, to close up, to cover, to reveal, to give, to take, to tell, to speak, to not speak, to calm, to silent, to write, to not write, to be still, to run away, to meditate, to sleep, to numb, to sense, to see, to not see, to be, to not to be, to 虹君, and to leave 虹君.

I write as to remember, to forget, to curse, to forgive, to continue, to seize, to be here, to hide away, to hold tight, to drop,  to fly,  to fall, to be in the light, to hide in the dark, to know, and to die.

I write, because I am here
I write, because I want to
I write, because I need to
I write, because if I don’t, I will be dead
I write, because you are in me
I write, because I want to invite you in
I write, because I want to send you on your way
I write, because I need to shout
I write, because I have to be still
Stillness is important, because, I can go nowhere

free writing trying out   Sept. 28, 2007

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