Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I am Sunshine Hong Jun, a woman, a dancer, a seeker, a scared and frighten woman, not so good, but seeking to be a nice and warm person. I am a singer, I sing the song of my life, yet can’t find the right tune. I am a learner. I love being with myself, and not be bothered by the world. I am friend, to those who I care and love. I give with all my heart.

I am water, sometimes warm, sometimes cold, sometimes hot, sometimes soft, sometimes hard as rock, sometimes clear, sometimes transparent, sometimes pure, sometimes dirty, sometimes blur, sometimes foul.

I am a student, I want to learn everything about myself and how to live a right life, I want to learn everything about my true nature so that I remember who I really am.

I am a traveler, I travel in this world and also travel inside myself.

I am strong and vulnerable, I am brave and shy, I am honest and devoted.

I am a brook that runs through the valley with delight and murmurs its delight song.

I am a wanderer, wandering in this world with an aching feeling in my being for the longing for home….

Written on March 14th 2007, in Ms. Bai’s course

Who Am I? II

I am seeker, a crier, a scared child, an angry, wounded woman, a lost soul, a clueless, puzzled exhausted being. I am tired and drifting….

I am a fighter, a warrior, a graceful, brave, courageous woman fighter. I am tough. I will never give up. I will never give in. I will never turn my head away when facing difficulties.

I am Sunshine, I am Rainbow. I am a rock, I am a brook that runs gently through the valley.

I am a living dead, I am someone who sits and waits, like a ball that hits the ground, will, rebound.


Written on June 13th, 2007, in Ms. Bai’s course

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